Professional Help

Although this website was created to help couples with their marriage, we understand that sometimes extra outside help is needed. We are not professionals, but we do associate ourselves with experienced educated people that have worked for years to help couples with their marriage. If you have come this far, then you might need a little help with their services. Don’t be embarrassed if you do need help, you are not the only one. Marriage is a sacred vow and you should be commended for trying to keep it together!

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Alternative To Counseling: Let Mort help you help yourself!


Church Guidance

Religion does play a big role in a relationship and seeking counseling from a Christian point of view usually works on a level that is beyond how this world thinks about things. Feel free to talk to a Christian counselor to get some ideas of the Christian faith.


We do not promote the “D” word (divorce) but it never hurts to understand your rights on both sides of the coin. We also recommend you go to your attorney, but those of you that do not have one, we are affiliated with a few.

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