Now you know more about yourself, more about your marriage and some things your spouse is into, lets explore deeper into the things that might spark a marriage. If you need professional help click here

Step Four: Involving Other People

If you have tried the things contained in the previous step but still feel like you want more maybe it is time to bring in other people, but start off slow. This is not a decision that you want to rush. Neither of you should be extremely uncomfortable with the decision made. Once again communication is a key factor on what you both expect. Never sacrifice your partner’s feelings for things you might want. Remember they are your life partner, please respect their wishes! Feel free to ask for their opinions, both good and bad and consider the answers before you rebuttal. Think of ways around the negative thoughts or maybe you can adjust your ideas to fit what they want.

webcamWEBCAMS (cam site)

You and your partner can play with other people online. Look for what you both want, like a single lady or a couple or even a gay couple. Interaction is usually free, but private shows are not. Private shows allow you to give directions or just watch them interact. It’s not expensive, but it does cost and sometimes it’s worth it to see if being with another person or couple would spark your marriage. The good thing about our web cams is if you get bored with one there are several others to choose from! Also you can become models on the webcam if you own one and let others watch you! Just sign up here and let the games begin.


Once you have discussed this option with your partner and you have BOTH agreed that this is what you want to try. threesomeMake some rules before you pick out a person. No one wants to feel left out in a threesome. Both of you need to know that neither are looking to love another person, just a casual sexual encounter that you both want to experience. It is better to allow the two same genders to become comfortable with each other. Talk to each other about what you DO NOT want and what you DO want to experience. You can’t just say I want two women at the same time, what do you want those women to do to each other or to you? Will there be toys or anal involved? Last piece of advice, try not to invite your friends that you see all the time into your sexual encounters. It’s not a great subject to put your friends in that position after the excitement is over. Click here to find a willing participate.

EscortEscort Services

Escort services are usually for single people, but it can be used to help ease into threesomes. There are a lot of services offered like massage, fetishes, dating, bdsm, and many more! These women are professionals and enjoy meeting new people. This is a good way to pick out a woman to try in a threesome that will not intimidate you. Take her out on a date with you and your husband so you can get to know her better. Just click on the picture and you can start your search right now.


foursomeFirst you need to decide if you want a couple just to have sex with or if you want a couple for sex and more. It can help you get over the nervousness if everyone goes out to dinner or to play Putt-Putt or whatever just to get to know each other. Then, just like any relationship, sex will come naturally. Once again, rules must be put in place and be upfront about what you are willing to do. For example, if the man wants to try another man, both have to be willing participates. If not then is it okay for the women to be together? What about anal, is it off limits with everyone or just the men? Will condoms be used all the time or just for certain tasks?  Rules are very important and it also builds trust amount all 4 people. It may come a time where each couple wants to switch partners and go out for the night so yes trust is important. Click here to search for willing couples


Orgies are just as they sound, everyone has sex with everyone, nothing off limits. Usually it starts with a simple party and all your friends. So make sure you invite enough girls and guys so no one gets left out. This is a MUST to talk about with your partner. Make sure you are familiar with the people you invite. Some may just want to watch instead of participate or some may get offended so tread lightly. Also one of the main concerns is sexual transmitted diseases so check out some books/websites on the subject.


SwingersBecoming a part of a Swingers Club is a simple way of having sex with other people without having to worry about the details yourself. You already know why they are there so there isn’t any questions about it. People are there to help guide you and your partner through the process. Once you are in the group things get easier to understand. Once again you and your partner need to have your own set of rules because the club will have their set of rules. One of the best swingers places we have found is Love Voo Doo. You can explore and find exactly what you are looking for and they have parties you can attend. Deciding to become a swinger is big decision so once again communication is a key factor.

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