all about marriageNow that you have discovered more about yourself and hopefully more about your partner it’s time for step three.

Open Your Mind Together

open your mind

This step is to help you open up to each other. It’s your relationship and you both deserve to be happy. We do have to think about how the other person feels about what’s going on in your mind. Understanding the fear of communication can make or break your relationship. We have these fears because we are not sure of the outcome once we put the issue on the table. Will they be mad? Will they think less of me? Will they leave our relationship if I mention it? Holding it inside you or just hiding it usually will bring your relationship to an end. Communication is a key factor in any relationship. You have to decide if the subject you want to bring to the table is reality or is it a fantasy?

Lets Talk About Fantasies

bondageWe all have fantasies in our thoughts but we have to decide if the fantasy should be brought to light or is this just thoughts that should stay in your head? For example if you use the thought of having sex at the top of Mount Everest, it should be a thought to keep in your head. The climb alone will take your sexual thoughts away not to mention how cold it will be! There are fantasies that can be explored IF both partners are willing. Communication is a key factor on how to live them out! Maybe she watched the movie “50 Shades of Gray” and wants to explore bondage or rape. Maybe he wants two women and is not sure how to tell his wife? As long as both of you can tell the difference between love and sex, living out your fantasies shouldn’t be that difficult. It is okay to say NO! If either of you feel unsure or uneasy about the idea, feel free to tell your partner NO! But if you are going to say no without even considering the idea, see if you can come up with another idea. There are no fantasies worth your relationship but compromising should be discussed.

What Toys Do You Like?

Toys are a fun way of exploring your sexuality. It’s also a good way of Adult Toysfinding out what your partner likes and dislikes. Vibrators are shaped in many different ways, have several amenities to them and are made for men and women! Blow up dolls are good for practicing a three way without the drama involved. Once you both get use to it, then you can consider adding another person or even another couple! Lubrication come in different flavors, scents and even have different bases like water or oil. Check out our store for all the different ideas you can come up with and it’s discreet so no worries about anyone finding out what that package is on your doorstep!

What about Role play?

Role PlayRole play can be so much fun as long as everyone stays in character! It gives you a chance to explore different fantasies and you get to be someone else for a little while. Dress up like a maid and bring him food on a tray or act like you are cleaning in heels with a duster! Click here to find some costumes you or your partner might like. Look at them together and make up stories as you go! Although men are not as “into” role playing as women, just remember that women need more thoughts in their mind than a man does. So technically you would be doing this for her.


Being spontaneous is not always easy with today’s work schedules, but it is something that you can do if you have the right ideas! Put on a skirt with no panties and go for a drive. Find a nice spot of the beaten path and have sex in the car like teenagers! If you can’t maneuver like you use to, try facing forward towards the windshield while you are on top of him. It gives you a chance to play with yourself while getting him off too! Also take the lubricate with you just in case you get nervous!

There’s nothing sexier to a man than watching his girl enjoying herself. Relax on the bed and pretend like no one’s around, grab your vibrator if needed. But don’t forget to tie your partner up first – he won’t be able to keep his hands off you for very long. Put handcuffs on her like she’s being arrested and make her do things that she wouldn’t normally do. There are so many ideas just let your mind wonder!

Public Adventures

Start simple….give him a BJ while he’s driving! Make sure some big trucks are around so they can see while he passes them! Truckers don’t mind and your man will get so turned on if someone can watch! Some XXX stores have booths in the back that you pay to watch their porn. Take your partner there and get freaky! Just know that people are watching you but that’s okay, let them watch, you got this! Let your partner know that you understand you are being watched and it turns you on so much!

Get a hotel and have sex in front of the window, most people do not pay attention, but you can enjoy the rush of the people that might see you! Let her stay inside and masturbate while you go to the window like a peeping Tom! Sneak in on her…once again there are so many ideas it’s crazy!

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