look in the mirrorNow that you have looked into your own issues and hopefully found some things to help you rectify them. Let’s look into your partner.  All couples disagree but how can you or your partner overcome the need to be right about everything? The need to yell instead of listening? Do you have to have everything or nothing in common?

Your Partner Will Never Be Perfect

There is no such thing as a perfect person. As we just discussed in Step One you cannot “fix” another person therefore it will be up to your partner to want to change. The hardest thing to change is something that is a part of who they are…like their personality. Maybe they giggle after everything you say. It use to be cute, but now when you are trying to talk about serious issues, it has become pretty annoying. This is a part of who they are and trying to change it would probably result in a big argument or some really hurt feelings….even a break up. Expecting someone to pick up after themselves is not a personality flaw, it’s a habit that needs to be broke. Do you see the difference?

Flaws Verses Habits

So the first thing you have to determine is it a personality flaw or a bad habit? Personality flaws will Communication Problemeventually have to be tolerated but bad habits can be discussed and corrected. Click the picture below for the video course to help if any of these issues sound familiar:  Communication issues    Angry outbursts     Broken trust    Walking on eggshells    Blaming and criticizing       A shut down spouse    

Self Help For Men

If you have been married for any length of time, I expect you will agree that there is more to a marriage than just sex. Yet when the sex part is working right, everything else just seems to come together so much easier, wouldn’t you agree? Click on the picture below to find out exactly what your woman wants! Make her want you!

Married Sex

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