All About You

This step is all about self, not your partner, your children or your pets, just you! We live in a society where we have been taught to shift the blame of our problems onto another person or objects, but in this step, we will only work on you. There are things within ourselves that others have noticed, but we just cannot see or maybe you do not feel like you have ever been loved as a person. Some feel worthless or can’t do anything right. Every relationship goes wrong and you are always getting hurt. Maybe it’s time to see yourself in a whole new light! This step is to help you open your eyes within yourself. We cannot change other people, only ourselves!

What’s Wrong With Me?

Am I different

You must realize that you are different because we all are different! That’s what makes you unique! You have attributes that everyone loves and cannot be changed. It’s who you are and it will remain that way till you’re old and gray! There will be things that upset or annoy other people, but are you really here to please everyone? For example, if you snort when you laugh can that be changed? You should not have to change who you are but you should correct bad habits. If you do not clean behind yourself that is a bad habit that can be fixed. Understanding the difference between bad habits and attributes of your personality will help you to know yourself better.

Loving Yourself

depressionHow can you give love to someone else if you have not learned to love you? Emotions are important and can be hard to decipher. Without knowledge of your emotions, you cannot see your importance in a relationship. This allows another person to control your self worth inside your head. How you feel about yourself, no one should control but you! This is self-reflection and no one wants to admit their faults. Normally both people tend to point the finger at the other person. Adam and Eve played the blame game and you see how well it worked out for them. Own up to who you are and what you have done. Spend some time alone with you and learn to love who you are. Try going to a park or a movie by yourself. Do not focus on being alone or lonely, since this comes naturally. Focus on the things you like about you and do things that you like instead of feeding into friend’s decisions. Spend at least one hour a week by yourself and you will find things that are great about you!

Learning About You As Self

Love MyselfIf you are an alcoholic, it is not your parent’s fault that you choose to pick up the bottle. If you have a gambling problem then it is your decision to put your money in the pot. In order to make you feel better about yourself, we must first know what YOU believe needs to be fixed or changed. Remember this is to help your relationship so learning about yourself is your best start. Since we all have to know ourselves, sometimes we have to step out of the box and see the things we need to change. If you choose to lie about a situation so no one gets mad at you then it is a choice. It is always better to tell the truth so you do not have to remember the lie. Remember that what is done in the dark will always come to the light. 

Is It Really Me?

Self AwarenessThere’s an old saying “Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine”. This means to take care of your own problems before you try to correct someone else. Here we will hit on some issues that are frequent problem areas. Changing your self attitude or actions is not an easy task and it will take time, dedication and will-power to fix issues you have found. Others might tell you “oh it’s easy…just don’t do it anymore“. If it were that easy none of us would have any issues! Remember it took you years to learn it and will take you a while to unlearn it. Do not fish for complements, look to yourself for empowerment. Reading about a problem with no action rarely fixes anything. If one does not apply to you, feel free to skip it or go directly to the bottom Self Awareness Program.

  • Anger/Stress
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Aging
  • Workaholic
  • Drinking/Drugs
  • Adultery/Cheating
  • Religion
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Fantasies
  • Forgiveness
  • Communication
  • Parenting 

Although there are several specific problems, these are the issues that get repeated over and over again! Each link will take you to a page just about that subject with suggestions and alternatives. 


Learning all about you as self is one of the most interesting things you can do! Do not try to change your personality although you can change bad habits. Learn to love yourself before you try to give love to someone else.  Remember you are looking to solve your own problems and not someone else’s problem. Let’s get started learning about you! Just click the link below to go to Higher Awareness one of our sister sites where you can evaluate yourself:

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