his sexual fantasyBeing able to express your fantasies to your partner can only improve your sex life! Having a discussion about your deepest inner thoughts will take your relationship to the next level. Open yourself to your partners desires as well. It will not help much if you want them to powder your bum and call you baby but you are not willing to throw on a eye patch and use some swear words.


partner judgedAlmost everyone has something they are just dying to try but too afraid to ask for it or even bring it up in the conversation. Judgement by the person you love can be hard to take. Begin by asking for their opinion on things and slowly work what you are looking to do into the conversation. Knowing you can say anything to your partner without judgement can make you more bold and adventurous, not just in the bedroom, but in your general life together. This is where trust becomes the most important. Your partner trusts you to provide the truth and you have to trust your partner not to judge you.

Same Routine

We have all been in a long term relations that gets a little boring at times. So you may be looking for something just to add a little spice in your routine. dress up sexualAfter so many years, you naturally want to experience new things and instead of looking for someone new, turn the love you already have into that something new. For example, role playing, dressing up like another person. How about your own bunny? Check out our sister site 1SexyShop for some ideas like vibrating panties that are remote control or begin your domination fantasy. There are many relationships that could be saved just by expressing wants and desires.

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