Can This Stop You From Cheating?

married and flirtingThoughts about cheating? He has been staring at you all night although he sees you with your man. You love the attention and how he flirts with you with his sexy eyes. So you look away hoping he will stop, but take another glance to see him still looking at you. He gets up from his chair and starts walking your way. You stand frozen, what do you do at this point? He passes by so close to you that you can smell his cologne and slips you a piece of paper and continues right out the door. You noticed he was wearing a ring too but the note has his number on it. Now what do you do?

What King of Marriage Do You Have?

happy marriage

If you are in a happy, sexually satisfying marriage, there is nothing more to do except throw the number away and take it as a compliment. Okay, maybe brag to a few of your girlfriends. Your partner takes care of you in more ways than one and it’s good that you recognize that. Since you realize that marriage is more than just sex, you do not need another man to complete you. You already have him and would not jeopardize your relationship.

If you have an open relationship, then keeping the number is no big deal. The rules for an open marriageopen relationship are usually set in the beginning so follow the rules and your relationship will be fine. Although sleeping around with other people may cause trust issues so be sure to set the rules early. Also involve your partner as much as possible in all decisions. This will make them feel like their opinions are important.

unhappy marriageIf you kept the number and you’re not in an open relationship, then something is missing. Does your partner not look at you like that and you miss it? Maybe things get boring in the bedroom? Or you enjoy the thrill of cheating, hoping you do not get caught. Try focusing on the things your partner does for you instead of things they do not. At there is a five step program that helps figure out what is missing.

caught cheatingForbidden Sex

Awww the thrill of forbidden sex, something you are not suppose to do. Watching over your shoulder to make sure no one sees you. The passion of that first time with someone else. The anticipation of what it will be like once engaged. Then there is the other side, what if my partner finds out? What if I get an STD or AIDS? What will happen to my family? Are they really worth the headaches you will go through? Cheating can be fun, but it can also hurt more people than you realize. If you are unhappy in your relationship try working on it instead of having sex with another person. Roleplay and make up stories to act out. See our sister site for ideas 1SexyShop

Try Something New Not Someone New

dress upNothing you can do will stop someone from cheating if that’s what they want. I know it’s not what anyone wants to hear but it’s true. If you or your partner have made up your mind that you want to cheat, no amounts of “fixing” will stop it. So instead of trying to “fix” them, try something different. At there are countless answers to what to do next. For example, our store has several dress-up outfits and toys that can be used to play and enjoy each other. that can be used to give orders to other people. It’s almost like cheating except your partner is there with you telling other girls, guys, couples even transgenders, what to do. You would be surprised what this does for your sex life!

It’s Too Late Now

It is never too late to try to mend a marriage although you will have to be able to forgive things including cheating. The actual act of sex with another person is the easier part to forgive. Questions will come and they MUST be Save My Marriageanswered. Was he better than me? Did she do things different? Why would you want them instead of me? These are normal questions and if not answered, the second most difficult part will not even begin. Trust between two people is the hardest thing to regain. To rebuild trust will take time and a lot of questioning. Just when you think the trust is established, more questions arise. Keep reminding them of the things you see in them and why you will never cheat again. Yes, it is annoying but they need the reassurance in order to rebuild your foundation. If you can work through the constant and repeated questioning, you do have a chance to keep your marriage.

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