Will Aging Affect My Marriage?

confused agingYou get married when you’re young and one day you look in the mirror and there it is….

your first aging facial line. Well it’s just one line so just ignore it but then more lines appear and then the crows feet around your eyes! There is no ignoring it now! So you buy all the creams and gels you can find then, you ask all your friends what they use then, nothing works!

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Aging Affects On Marriage

Now you start to question how your spouse will handle you getting older. Your spouse expects you to get old and He Checks Out Other Girlsexpect themselves to get old. Women will fight it every step of the way. While men usually just accept what comes. Women do not like their facial features to change, which makes them question their ability to be what their husbands want them to be. If men do not check out other girls, how will they know they have the best one? If women do not look at other men, how will they know what to appreciate in you as a man?

Marriage is a commitment to each other. A legal and binding contract that you will need a good reason to get out of. How you look as you get older is not a good reason for a divorce. We have partnered with a few companies that seem to slow the aging process for men and women. They are natural products that work with your body’s natural defense. We have attached their links on this page so try them out and let us know how well each product works. Plus you will be doing our readers a great favor!


Sex With Aging Men

frustrated wifeMost people believe that sex goes away with age, but this is far from true. The urge is there but as we age, aches and pains set in and the ability to have sex starts to dwindle. Scientists have come up with several ways to naturally allow the man to keep an erection and stop premature ejaculation, but what about men having a hard time having an orgasm? Women take it personally if they cannot get their man off, even though it is not their fault. As men age, the ability to have an orgasm gets harder. Anorgasmia is the inability to reach a climax during usual sexual activity. Your best bet is to lay off the masturbation for a while. This will allow time for it to build up and then go straight into vaginal sex. Plus you can get a 15-day trial of the natural supplement VIGFX that will make it easier to have an orgasm, but with any natural product, it’s designed to use your HGH not introduce foreign chemicals into your body. Therefore, it may take a couple of times for it to build up your HGH but she wants it so give her what she wants!

Sex With Aging Women

dry vaginaWomen expect to go through menopause where they experience hot flashes, irregular periods and lack of desire to have sex but what happens when the vagina will not get wet? It did work fine, now it’s dry and lubricants can only work for so long. The man feels like it’s his fault, he just does not turn you on any longer. To be honest, it has nothing to do with him. As we age the blood flow to the vulva and the vagina begins to slow down.  Ladies, now we have Provestra the only All-Natural Libido Enhancer For Women.  It helps with improving lubrication and sexual response by increasing blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral regions. It’s doctor endorsed and highly recommended by our clients.  Vigorelle is a cream that stimulates the right areas and it’s also used with Provestra or by itself. Our clients call it “an instant turn on cream” wherever you touch her with it.

Options for stimulation

agingInstead of trying to start with her vagina, try starting with her mind. A woman’s mind works differently than a man’s mind. Any subject the man brings up, the woman will naturally start thinking of reasons she cannot do it right now. Take a few minutes to point out a few things while watching porn or talk about sexual positions. Try the new card game called Role Play anything to get her mind on having sex. Check out web cams together and talk to the models. Feel free to let her tell them what to do. Here’s our sister web cam site called 1SneekPeek.com

Also using toys and playing dress up will give her time to get her mind on the subject. If you do try lubricants try to get the water based lubricants because the others can cause infections up in the vagina. All these products are available at 1SexyShop.

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