Better SexHow do we go from the best thing in the world to nothing? Everything is perfect before the marriage now it seems we fight all the time! 1Desire was created to make you want to stay in your relationship.

This site is not for the people who just met or only been dating for a few months. It’s for the people that have worked for the relationship and put in the time and effort it takes to keep their relationship. Of course, it’s easier to just give up, but there is a reason you married in the first place or a reason that you have NOT married. 1DEsire has the tools and exercises that may stimulate those senses that you crave so much. There are ideas to help both sides of the coin or help you feel good about yourself! We are NOT doctors or therapists, just everyday normal people that happen to be married or in long term relationships.

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My Partner Has Changed!Desire

1DEsire has created steps to find out what’s missing in your relationship maybe it is you that has changed. Once we review step one you can see exactly where you stand in your relationship. There are different and new things that you can explore. Some things you may have thought about but would never dare discuss with your partner. Sometimes it only takes a small thing to bring a relationship together and usually, it only takes a small thing to tear it apart.

Does My Relationship Need Steps?

relationship stepsTake the steps one at a time, although you may be uncomfortable at first just remember they will not hurt what is already broken. Communication is a key factor. Feel free to show your partner where you got the information so they will not take it personally when you ask them about some of the steps involved. Everyone here has taken some of these steps to improve ourselves or our relationship or both. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to emotions. Women and men perceive things differently and the more we learn about each other the more we can improve.

What If It Doesn’t Work?Relationship does not work

One cannot just say it will not work until you have tried it! Communication is the key! If you have something on your mind and you do not share it, what kind of relationship do you have? All your partner can do is say no, but if you explain the reasoning behind your thoughts, usually they will at least look into it with you. At least you can say that you did try something new. If it does work, just imagine the world you can create for each other!

How To Get Started

Holding HandsJust look at the very first step since it is about you. Let’s trust each other for now and just jump in with an open mind and open heart to see if any of this can help bring back your emotions. While exploring these options may cause embarrassment on certain subjects remember all of these options are just suggestions. These suggestions are from normal everyday people who have had to put in extra work to make their partner happy again.

  1. All About You
  2. Make Your Partner Perfect
  3. Open Your Minds Together
  4. Involving Other People
  5. Professional Help